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System version: 1.6.0


Data update (any time)

2021/08/23: 172 samples are available.



  Positive Negative All
Published 413 413 413

Number of Peaks

  ESI Positive ESI Negative All
Total peak number 2,628,166 1,914,227 4,542,393
Average peak number (per published food items) 6,364 4,635 5,499
Peaks with MS/MS spectra 76,747 60,438 137,185
Peaks with compound database hits
(KEGG, KNApSAcK, HMDB, LIPID MAPS, FlavonoidDB were searched with a 20 ppm-mass tolerance)
2,049,119 1,558,363 3,607,482

Update history

2021/08/23 The MassChroBook is now available. 172 samples are available.
2021/08/15 All data were updated. 128 samples are available. A fluctuation of retention time was observed in the previous data. There was also room for improvement of the MS/MS conditions. These two were reviewed and all samples were reanalyzed. A data was added.
2021/07/05 The system was updated to 1.5.4 with a minor fix of internal link. In total 111 samples are available.
2021/06/22 Most of the contents except detailed sample metadata and download files were prepared.
2021/06/07 The draft version was released.