Main table

ID Id (KTP_ID) sequentially assigned by PowerGet.
Ave. RT Average retention time (min).
Ave. m/z Average m/z value.
Ave. Int. (log) Average peak intensity. The peak area values were transfered to log10, centered by median, and averaged in the triplicates.
Adduct Ion Predicted adduct ion
Comp. Category Chemical category of the annotated compound. Following categories were assigned based on the compound database search results: alkaloids, aminocarboxylic acids, carotenoids, coumarins, fatty acid derivatives, glycolipids, iridoids, nucleotides, organic acids, phenolics, phospholipids, porphyrins, steroids, sugars, terpenoids, and others.
Annotation The predicted molecular formula, chemical name and chemical category name assigned to the peak. The peaks with "[a]" at the end of annotation were qualified by comparison with the authentic compounds but not be identified due to detections of multiple isomers eluted closely at the retention times of the authentic compounds.
#Var. detected Number of cultivars (1-25) containing the peak.
MS2 Existence of the MS/MS spectrum.
MSI Level The annotation level defined by the Metabolomics Standards Initiative (MSI).
Sly Detection of the mass value in previous tomato metabolome data used in this study.
Ath Detection of the mass value in previous Arabidopsis thaliana data used in this study.
Mtr Detection of the mass value in previous Medicago truncatula data used in this study.
Jcu Detection of the mass value in previous Jatropha curcas data used in this study.
#1~25 Intensity of the peaks represented by the color. The peaks with intensity higher than 100 fold of the median are represented in red, and those lower than 0.01 fold are represented in green. The peaks with intermediate values of the two are represented in the color show below. The cultivers without the peak are represented in gray.