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Plant Metabolome Repository is developed and maintained by the lab members below.

Wet works Kunihiro Suda (Kazusa DNA Research Institute)
Lab assistant Kumi Hoshi, Sachiko Osawa (Kazusa DNA Research Institute)
Dry works Nozomu Sakurai (Kazusa DNA Research Institute, National Institute of Genetics)


Please cite the paper below for Food Metabolome Repository which is the base system of is website.
Sakurai N and Shibata D (2017) Tools and databases for an integrated metabolite annotation environment for liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry-based untargeted Metabolomics. Carotenoid Science 22: 16-22


Please contact us by e-mail on your questions and requests for this website.

National Institute of Genetics, Information Biology & DDBJ Center
Nozomu Sakurai, Ph.D.
E-mail: sakurai AT (replace "AT" with "@")


This repository is developed and maintained by the following supports.

Some samples are kindly provided by the following collaborators.

  • Soichi Kojima, Keiichi Kanno (Tohoku Univ.): rice seeds.
  • Mitsuyasu Hasebe, Masaki Ishikawa (National Institute of Basic Biology): Physcomitrella patens, Selaginella moellendorffii
  • Takayuki Kohchi, Ryuichi Nishihama, Aya Nakai (Kyoto Univ.): Marchantia polymorpha
  • Taku Demura, Ryosuke Sano (NAIST), Misato Ohtani, Ayumi Ihara (Tokyo Univ.), Fumiko Susa (RIKEN CSRS): poplar
  • Hiroshi Masumoto, Kazuto Kugou (Kazusa DNA Research Institute, Japan) for preparation of Tobacco BY-2 cells and the medium.
  • Tobacco BY-2 cells were provided by the RIKEN BRC through the National Bio-Resource Project of the MEXT, Japan.

A part of the pictures were obtained from the websites below.