Peak Search - Is in foods?

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Result list

Buttons in the Peaks column:
Each button represents the peaks found in the search condition. The number in the button shows the retention time (RT, min), and the color of the button shows peak intensity.
Color of the peak buttons:
The color shows the intensity of the peak. The peak area was transfered to log based 10 and normalized by the median value of all peaks found in the sample. Black: the median value, Red: higher than the median value, and Green: lower than the median value. The strongest color of red and green shows more than 1000 fold higher and less than 1000 fold lower than the median value, respectively.
Peak details:
Click the peak button.
Show found only check box:
If checked, only foods in which hit peaks were found were shown in the table. If uncheck, all foods are shown.
Food No. Food Name Mode Peaks Image